Saturday, May 23, 2009

Too fabulous - updated with correction

How lucky can a fella get? Here are my dates for the wedding, FranIAm and Jane R. As we were going to last night's party the young lad at the drug store checkout where we stopped on the way told me to have a good time. "Those are pretty ladies and they seem like a lot of fun." The chap has no idea how much fun these two are!

What happens in North Carolina stays in North Carolina.

[Not to worry. Mr HeIs called to check up on us. I believe he  Fran's priest boss had expressed some concern about these strangers Fran was going to meet - something about "axe-wielding Episcopalian bloggers." Or maybe it was one of her NY friends dreading the worst.]

Total fabulosity!

Update: correction to clear Mr HeIs thanks to Jane's comment.  My mother's side of the family, myself included, of course, like to embroider stories - so I may have just been making up the connection to Mr HeIs because it sounded so good.  My apologies to the nice man who married dear Fran.

--the BB

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Jane R said...

Dear BB,
I misspoke when Mr. HeIs called: it was actually FranIAm's priest boss who expressed concern about her being with a bunch of axe-wielding Episcopalians. Feel free to post this erratum above - and my apologies to Mr. HeIs and to Father You-Know-You for the inaccurate attribution. P.S. Father You-Know, we had no axes, only wine glasses.