Saturday, May 23, 2009

Because we all need to know this

Just read Devilstower's article today. It's not icky poo in details (just in morals) and it trashes a lot of the Dick the Dick talking points (may he burn in hell and his little girl too). It has comments from people who actually have tortured. This needs to be general knowledge.

That's the real effect of the dry memos and furtive phone calls to the White House. That's where it really came down. Men and women who had already volunteered to put themselves on the line for a nation they loved found themselves trapped by orders that they they were told were legal, but which they knew to be immoral. It was a torture as painful as any being used in dark cells. People who put on the uniform of the United States were then ordered to dishonor everything that uniform stands for. It's hard to imagine a deeper betrayal.

What did we get in exchange for our honor?

HOST: one of the points of contention in this debate is whether the techniques actually yield useful information. Vice President Dick Cheney has been very insistent that the information obtained using these methods was important to American safety.

TONY: In my experience they didn't yield any useful information. Even if it did, you couldn't separate it from the information that wasn't useful. You can torture somebody into confessing to any crime you want. I could torture you until you confessed to murdering JFK, but that doesn't mean you did it, and it's certainly not intelligence.

--the BB

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