Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The short run-down

After dinner I went to my friend's house. We zipped over to Village Pizza and had a medium pizza with whole wheat crust, pepperoni, sausage, and green chiles (this IS New Mexico). Yummy. We sat outside as it was a lovely evening. Nice to yak beneath a huge cottonwood tree. We then went back to his place for dessert, also outdoors. Lovely.

Now to catch up on a thousand things.

I launched into the next chapter of the book. The first victim of the civil war, not counting the assassinated prince. It really does get nasty from here.

Discussed with my friend Kathy how I spend lots of time on domestic scenes against which the larger events are played out.

I watered the vegetables tonight - and the freshly planted penstemons. Everything will get a good watering tomorrow evening but I wanted to check on all of these. Last night we had some rain and some spectacular lightning. I wish I could capture the colors I see in the yard just around sunset. The camera cannot do it. Even so, here are two blooms. The one below is the same "singing in the rain" bud pictured in the last yard photos, just opened. It is stunning, the colors an electric blend of apricot, pink, and lemon. With the flash it is washed out and tweaking it does not help a whole lot.

Maggie and Belle and Molesy and I are going to party this weekend. More to follow.

Ciao for niao,

--the BB

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