Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speaking of fabulosity

Here they are, the happy coule. Notice the tiered effect on the bride's dress. It was just way cool.

And when you have an elegant couple with long, lean supermodel lines, they look great from every angle.

The bride, the bishop, and those wild and crazy bloggers.

As IT said in an earlier comment thread: "Funny how this online community is starting to become a flesh-and-blood one. "

I am so glad I chose to spend my frequent flyer miles from last summer's job to come to this. Old friends, new friends, and so much joy!

--the BB


David said...

Fabulous, just about covers it, Paul
What a wonderful picture of an extraordinary couple! Blessings on them.
But all of you look........wonderful! And that hat of Jane's just the first & last word in fabulous!
The folks of North Carolina must be still wondering where all this glamour and grace came from!
and bless you or sharing the pics with us Paul, thank-you, you intrepid reporter.


Earthbound Spirit said...

Gorgeous couple - beautiful photos! Many blessings to all (but especially DF & Doxy).

motheramelia said...

Wow, what fabulous pictures. The bride and groom are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Doxy's dress was stunning. It was the perfect style, the perfect color, perfect in every way. And Doxy and Dear Husband are both so beautiful.

I will definitely steal some of your pictures later, Paul.

JCF said...

Wow is the word! :-0

(And I don't think I knew that DF, now DH, was clergy)

What a fab gathering, for a fab couple!

IT said...

wow, both the bride and the groom wore a dress!