Friday, May 22, 2009

Get down and boogie

Molesy, I don't think we're in New Mexico anymore.

There was the requisite walk by the yacht club, discussing the lifegiving mystery of the Holy Trinity, in the midst of which we did stop to smell the magnolias on the way.

Who is the mystery blogger? Stay tuned.

Tomorrow I plan to kiss the bride. Last night I hugged her.

FranIAm and PJ


Jane demonastrates that professors have moves too! (I confess, all the bloggers but two got up and danced. We two cheered them on and waited for a quiet slow dance - and that didn't happen. Ah, these youngsters.

The groom cuts a rug with the bride's lovely daughter.

I loves me some mush. And they are very in love.

One thing about tonight's lovely birthday party for the groom (just a pup, 3 years younger than me) that really warmed the cockles of my heart was that so many kids got up and danced with great joy and abandon. This was a celebration that cut across the generations. I love seeing kids have a good time where they feel loved and safe and happy.

So today there was some napping, some walking, some discussion, some writing (mostly scholarly and me off in fantasy land), some dining, some dancing. Tomorrow, of course, there is hitching, with the bishop presiding. Lovely people. Lovely weekend.

--the BB, your reporter from North Carolina


Paul said...

"Younger than I" - I caught the "than me" before hitting "publish" but forgot to change it before hitting publish. Sorry; we all have lapses.

Jane R said...

Ego te absolvo.

Professor Boogie

Paul said...

I was hoping for absolution. Really.

Jane R said...

Plus you know you can use that little fix-it function and correct typos anyway.

And/or the edit function. Same thing.

But the absolution holds.

{makes sign of the cross}The Magnolia Sniffer

Paul said...

Oh yes, I use "edit post" a lot. But I believe it also makes a new item on people's RSS feeds or readers, so I thought I would avoid that tonight.

David said...

The photos are magnificent Paul

does the heart great good to see so many of the folks we all love, together and having just a joyous time.

and can Jne dance! woohoo!

love and prayers


FranIAm said...

Oh what great fun we are having!!

IT said...

Glad you are all having a good time!

Funny how this online community is starting to become a flesh-and-blood one.

Lisa Fox said...

"Professor Boogie" LOL!

Are y'all sure that magnolias are all you're sniffing? ;-)

Paul said...

IT, nice to hear from you. It is an amazing thing. Most folks, after their initial WTF? wonderment seemed to get that we share so much online that we know each other than most folks we see face to face. Life is full of surprises, and this is definitely one of them, certainly for me.

Prayers for you this weekend. And remember, no matter what any court says, your marriage is real! We know and you know it. May the state acknowledge it, but it's real regardless.

Doxy and DF had a statement in the wedding bulletin expressing their solidarity with all of us, their grief at the current situation, and their pledge to fight with us for full rights and rites.

Paul said...

No comment.

But I am sure it was just a bottle of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo accompanying a delicious meal. May we all recommend Bucci's on Depot St if anyone is in Davidson, NC? Really good food (and I am a food snob).