Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not your usual birthday present

I could not post these photos prior to today. Doxy commissioned me to make a purple stole for Dear Friend for his birthday. Now that he has seen it, I can share. It is almost entirely Dupioni silk in three shades of purple plus contrasting bands of aquamarine, emerald green, turquoise, pale metallic blue, magenta, intense yellow-green, etc. Basically cool colors. It is lined in a pale lavender satin. Right at the back of the neck is a strip of tomato red. I thought of Doxy when I put that in since she is the extravert to Dear Friend's introvert. When I met her she had on a dress of just that bright, vibrant red. Good guess, eh?

I just wish my camera could really capture the colors, but this will give you an idea, anyway.

Happy Birthday, DF!

--the BB


David said...

truly magnificent
and that touch of red-
wondering who was wispering in your ear?


PseudoPiskie said...

What a wonderful gift, Paul! You certainly are talented and thoughtful.

susan s. said...

This is gorgeous. So is he!

Ready for church yet? I've got to quit this and get ready!

Paul said...

It was all Doxy's idea (after seeing the one I made for Daniel+ last December). I was just the combiner of colors (which I love to do).

Had I but world enough and time I could play with the yards and yards of silk sitting in my sewing room. But right now I am more into writing.

Paul said...

I plan to worship under the direction of +Maya Pavlova, FBE, and sleep on the plane today. I did have communion yesterday, so am trusting this is not an egregious lapse. Of course, nothing much has kept me from egregious lapses in the past.

susan s. said...


Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul the stole is beautiful. I'm sure that it's even more lovely up close. I hope to see it one day.

Thank you for the lovely dinner last night. What a joy it was to be with you and Fran and Jane and dine on the delicious Italian food. I miss all of you already, but you the most, love. ;o)

Paul said...

We certainly had a wonderful time, Mimi. The kids were happy to see you, as was I. Bucci's is a top-notch restaurant. I will take time to sing its praises.

While it is always nice to be back home (I just arrived), this was a wonderful weekend, full of joy, love, and friendship. A time to cherish.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...