Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Needle and thread

Photo above is from a project of several years ago: the spring banner in a series of four that I pieced for St Cuthbert's, Oakland. They were for the creation season (autumn) when we celebrated a creation liturgy.

I have had another creative project of late. I hope to share a photo of it before too long.

Years ago, in one of those rounds of testing and counseling on the way to ordination (many rounds for some of us - it took me four tries just to get into the process), the counselor said that I needed to be creative or I would be like a capped volcano with pressure threatening to erupt.

Mercifully, I have been able to pursue several modes of creativity in recent years for which I thank Godde and encouraging and inspiring people. This blog is one of them, of course, in addition to knitting, sewing, writing fiction, and gardening. Let us not forget preaching, which I do once a month.

Tomorrow posts will probably be light as I may be more intent on partying than blogging. Y'all will surely understand. (Now then, how many years has it been since I waltzed? Baptist feet are not raised to do this sort of thing.)

Party responsibly, my little gypsy moths!

--the BB


Kirstin said...

Responsibly, hell. I'm graduating tomorrow!

(and yes, will have some perfectly responsible sushi, to celebrate.)

Gorgeous, BTW.

Paul said...

Congratulations, Kirstin! Celebrate away!

I just had some rich chocolate after an incredible Italian dinner and two large glasses of wine - so if that's responsible.... teehee, well, we all know I tease.

Party down; you've earned it.