Friday, May 22, 2009

Where's Waldo? For that matter, where am I?

There was much wrangling in my household this past week since certain kids got to play in New Orleans for months AND are back in the south again. Maggie and Belle and Molesy and I have all run off to North Carolina for Doxy's wedding.

The happy bride and groom

The kids with Doxy
(From this angle you cannot tell but
Belle has on a mask. You can take
the girl out of New Orleans but....)

And here we have Jane R (Acts of Hope), FranIAm, and the BB. Someone really should warn a state before we all arrive in one place. (Well, Jane lives here these days and fills us in beautifully on local history.)

The kids and I also got to meet Her Felinity, the Bishop of Naps, yesterday. She is gorgeous, but y'all knew that.

I have not had my IV feed of Diet Pepsi and am totally uncaffeinated. Pray for me.

--the BB

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