Monday, April 21, 2008

Flower roll call - Lady Banks Rose

Once all the fruit trees finished blooming I had no flowers to add, but the yellow Lady Banks rose has bloomed, beginning at the bottom, and here she is.

As a bonus, though with nothing flowering, here is my flame seedless grapevine. I am very excited that my vines made it through the winter (first winter after planting in a new yard is a time of anxiety).

Flower roll call!! FranIAm-Clematis! Splotchy-Daffodil, Dr. Monkey-Iris, Dguzman-Marigolds, , Bubs-Scilla!
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

You have such interesting gardening conditions out there. My friend Marilyn, whom I have fallen out of touch with lived in the northwest part of ABQ. It wasn't quite as far as Rio Rancho, but out that way, near a mall.

She had quite the garden going and I was quite impressed how she managed with the climate, originally being from the Pacific Northwest herself.

Where are you relative to downtown?

Or should I say mineral streets roll call?!?

Paul said...

Hola, Fran. I am guessing your friend would have to be near the Cottonwood Mall if it is NW but not quite to Rio Rancho. My ex, his brother's family, and our little mission are all in Corrales, north of there.

I live on the far south end of the west side. If Coors and Rio Bravo can conjure up anything meaningful for you, then head a few miles further west toward the mesa. Rio Bravo is the freeway exit from I-25 south of the airport. the "open spaces" pic on the right of the blog (currently) is what things look like from up on the mesa, just 3 miles west of me - nothing but fields of native grassland.

susankay said...

Fran -- and my non-Colorado house is just two blocks or so south of Coal (and thus three from Lead) out east of Downtown. Minerals of a sort.

Not being there often we do not garden but I have hopes that when we "retire" from hauling water, chopping wood (and skiing) I will be able to try and turn my thumb slightly green (in a water-conserving way, of course)

FranIAm said...

Yes - that is it, Cottonwood Mall. Despite me not being a big piercing person, I do have 4 holes on one ear and 2 on another. Two of them came from a place at Cottonwood Mall. Trivia you did not need to know.

I know where you are, although I was not out that way much. I stayed at the Hyatt downtown all the time, almost all the time anyway.

My clients were a little southwest-ish in two cases, KOB and KRQE are across the street from each other. KOAT is up northeast and KASA was on a main street whose name escapes my 50 year old brain.

I have many fond ABQ memories, many, many and many.

And you are always a gracious man as you indulge me with them.

Feel free not to moderate this comment in!! YOur blog, your choice!

Paul said...

I enjoy your stories, Fran, and assume others do to, so this comment is also published.

KASA offices seem now to be on Broadcast Plaza, at the far west end of the metal streets, where KOB and KRQE are also. KOAT is on Carlisle by Comanche. So now you have some cross streets to prompt memory.

Two years ago my house was only just being built and when I moved here the google map satellite view showed dirt lots and hints of where my street would be.

FranIAm said...

Of course, KASA got bought by the same company that owns KRQE. From what I hear, they dumped the really nice General Manager unkindly; he was one of the nicest broadcast execs I ever worked with.

That was back in 98-00... I have been back several times since, the most recent in 2003 I think.

Thanks for the street names - and from Susankay too!! Hi Susankay. How is Molly?