Friday, April 25, 2008

It's all my fault

We're always blaming poor Doug for the jokes we love and promote, or I'm blaming Eileen or Mimi or someone for leading me astray. Today I blame nobody else. [Take note; don't know when this happens again.]

I heard that rice prices were headed up. I like having staples on hand.

About a week ago I went into Costco and bought two large sacks of rice: one plain white and the other basmati. That's a lot of rice for a one-person household. Thought I'd be ahead of the next price increase.

OMG, I'm a hoarder!

Now Costco is limiting how much rice folks can buy at one time (Sam's Club too).

Fortunately for me, the news articles say it started in Thailand, not Albuquerque.

Oh yes, I got a big bag of pinto beans too.

--the BB


BooCat said...

Paul, This reminds me of Aunt Mary Hazel who was a missionary in Brazil. Once when the coffee crop was damaged and they were exporting most of their coffee to keep the export markets open, there was a severe shortage in the local Brazilian markets. She was on a trip up the Amazon and came upon a whole shelf of Bourbon Santos Coffee and she said, "I bought the whole lot of it right there on the spot to keep some filthy hoarder from embarrassing himself!"

Paul said...

Boocat, LMAO!

susankay said...

Actually, Paul -- it's not you, it's Molly the WonderDog. Her special diet uses 2 cups a rice a day -- that's a lot of rice to buy and cook (which I do) and eat (which she does)

Paul said...

Well if Molly the Wonder Dog and I are the ones to destroy the word food economy, there you have it. Fortunately, dogs have the good sense not to carry guilt around with them for any but the briefest periods.

I do make good pilaf (rice or bulghur)