Thursday, April 24, 2008

We have gnus

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go!

After pretending for the past four months that I was retired, I am taking a temp job consulting in New Orleans for a brief while. This means flying out midday this Sunday. Yes, I have had and occasionally still need to have a secular career. Grimbling. That is, number crunching. I have worked about twenty years in accounting and that, not the church, has been my primary source of income. Not a CPA or MBA or even an accounting degree (my education being in languages, religion, and history). But I went from a temp to an accounting clerk and on up the ladder to accounting manager in a biotech firm.

This work assignment came as a total surprise yesterday.

The laptop is going with me, of course, so I will be able to read, blog, communicate, etc. But you will see a sudden drop in posting quantity here.

Kirstin was busy connecting with people in NOLA in January. I will be busy connecting with numbers and expect to have close to zero social life. The point is to earn money and then come home. I do hope to meet Mimi and Grandpère at some point, however.

And speaking of Kirstin, today was her big eye surgery, so hold her in your prayers as she comes out of it, her eye muscles get adjusted, and she recuperates. She and I have a similar condition although my opthalmologist, back when I was a young boy, said I had no muscle to double in the afflicted spot. To this day I cannot move my right eye to the right. Thank Godde for peripheral vision.

Yes, one can do much worse than springtime in New Orleans as a work venue.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Nola!! What a surprise! Have you been there before?

As you say, there are worse places to be.

And meeting Grandmere Mimi is a delight, I can assure you!

Diane said...

will be holding Kirtin in prayer and you as well, as you travel to New Orleans.

Paul said...

Yes, Fran, I was there once for a conference at the end of April some years ago. Nice time to be there.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Yes, one can do much worse than springtime in New Orleans as a work venue.

Damn right! You'd better make time to see me. He's gonna be staying right near Bourbon St., handy to all the strip joints.

Paul said...

Thanks for making it sound like I prefer strip joints to grannies!

You know I look forward to seeing you very much. You are the bright point of this adventure.

[I can think of few things more depressing than a strip joint.]

Jane R said...

Dude! Employment AND NOLA AND Grandmère Mimi! Hallelujah!