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Prions le Seigneur - 4/24/2008

Syria - North Korea - election year scariness
N Korea 'linked to Syria reactor'
BBC News - 7 hours ago
North Korea was helping Syria build a nuclear reactor, US officials are to tell lawmakers in a closed session. Unnamed officials told the Washington Post newspaper that the US had video footage of the Syrian facility with North Koreans inside.
Video Links North Koreans to Reactor, US Says New York Times
North Koreans Taped at Syrian Nuclear Site Voice of America

Syria denies US accusation over nuclear reactor
Reuters - 54 minutes ago
LONDON (Reuters) - Syria on Thursday dismissed US accusations that North Korea was helping it build a nuclear reactor that could produce plutonium.
US Lawmakers to See Video of North Korean Assistance at Syrian ... Voice of America
CIA: North Korea 'helped Syria build nuclear reactor'

US thinks N.Korea aided Syria on plutonium program
U.S. Daily - 13 hours ago
By Arshad Mohammed These satellite images, taken August 5, 2007 (Top) and October 24, 2007 (Bottom), show a suspected nuclear facility in Syria.
Source: lawmakers to get video evidence on Syrian facility
White House to reveal video that prompted strike on Syrian facility Minneapolis Star Tribune

Briefings to focus on possible North Korea-Syria nuclear link CNN International
Syria denies accusation N. Korea helping it build nuclear reactor Ha'aretz

Oh, by the way... a couple of members of the committee were briefed on this last November but the maladministration touts this like crazy when they finally brief the rest of Congress - belatedly and ACCORDING TO THEIR LEGAL OBLIGATION - and you cannot help wondering why, if this is a crucial issue, they dilly dallied for so long and now - oh my! - it's some kind of crisis. WTF?

It is all manipulation. If there were a critical issue Congress should have been briefed back when. If not, don't come fearmongering now.

In short, don't let them scare you; they're inveterate liars.

And I'm not saying there is no issue here, or no threat, only that we cannot trust the Bush crowd to deal honestly with the American people.

Tibet - China - Olympic Games
Riot-scarred Tibet reopens to Chinese tour groups
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
BEIJING (AP) - China is welcoming domestic tour groups back to riot-hit Tibet, an official news report said Thursday, but there remains no word on when foreign tourists will be allowed to return.
US: China must talk to Dalai Lama
EU leader Barroso visits China with large delegation at special time Xinhua

Dalai denies supporting separation of Tibet
All India Radio - 22 Apr 2008
The Dalai Lama has denied the Chinese claim that he supports separation of Tibet. The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader told a gathering at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York that he only wanted autonomy to preserve its unique culture and ...
Once a serf, Sitar represents the other side of Tibet
US asks China to resume dialogue with Dalai Lama Phayul

Jeux Olympiques : Pékin "apprécie" le soutien de Raffarin - Il y a 2 heures
Le Premier ministre chinois a félicité le vice-président de l'UMP qui a vivement critiqué la décision du maire de Paris de faire du dalaï lama un citoyen d'honneur de la ville. L'ancien chef du gouvernement français est en Chine depuis plusieurs jours, ...
Raffarin: «Le geste de Delanoë est une très grave erreur politique» Libération
Poncelet : la Chine "disposée" à dialoguer Le Figaro

Tibet Government Issues Warning Ahead of Olympic Torch Arrival
Washington Post - 1 hour ago
By Jill Drew BEIJING, April 24 -- Tibetan government authorities warned today that there would be severe consequences for anyone who spreads rumors that "excite popular feeling," as the region braces for the arrival of the Olympic torch sometime in the ...

Syria - Israel - Palestine
Assad confirms Olmert's Golan offer
Jerusalem Post - 55 minutes ago
By JPOST.COM STAFF Syrian President Bashar Assad confirmed reports in the Arab media to the effect that Israel had agreed to relinquish the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with Syria.
Assad confirms Israeli peace offer The Associated Press
Assad confirms Israeli peace offer, suggests no direct ... International Herald Tribune

Gaza talks 'progress' amid siege - 1 hour ago
The Palestinian group Hamas says "big progress" is being made in indirect negotiations with Israel towards a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.
UN warns Gaza aid distribution may end Jerusalem Post
Collapse of Gaza aid distribution just hours away: UN AFP

Israël serait prêt à lâcher le Golan pour faire la paix avec la Syrie
Libération - Publié depuis 1 heure
Le président syrien, Bachar-Al Assad, tiendrait cette information du Premier ministre turc, lequel agit comme médiateur depuis 2007. Pour l'heure, l'Etat hébreu se refuse à tout commentaire. Le Premier ministre turc Recep Tayyip Erdogan «m’a informé ...
Israël envisagerait de se retirer du Golan
Bachar el Assad évoque une offre de paix d'Israël, suggérant qu'il ... La

A Peace 'Deal' in the Works in Israel?
Catholic Online - 16 hours ago
A Syrian news agency releases reports that a Golan Heights-Peace deal is in the works. JERUSALEM (AsiaNews) - “Independent” Syrian news agency Cham-Press has reported that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has offered to exchange the Golan Heights for ...
Israel offers to give back the Golan Heights Malaysia Sun
Syria says Israel ready to return Golan for peace accord

Acusa Israel a Hamas de “fabricar” una crisis de combustible
Milenio - hace 6 horas
Algunos habitantes de la Franja de Gaza dijeron que funcionarios de Hamas han recogido parte del combustible para su uso personal y también lo han entregado a otros funcionarios de alto rango ya empleados del gobierno, sin distribuir el resto entre la ...
Ven pocas posibilidades para tregua entre Israel y Hamas El Universal (México)
Cerrarán planta de electricidad de Gaza El Financiero (México)

La ONU interrumpe la distribución de alimentos en Gaza por falta ...
Terra España - hace 28 minutos
La ONU ha interrumpido la distribución de alimentos en la franja de Gaza tras quedarse sin reservas de carburante, según ha anunciado un portavoz de la Agencia para los refugiados palestinos. "Hemos suspendido la distribución de toda ayuda alimentaria ...
Peligra el envío de la ayuda humanitaria a Gaza por la falta de ... Diario Directo
La ONU está agotando sus reservas de combustible en Gaza La Voz de Galicia

US prepares to deal with Maoists
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
WASHINGTON (AP) - This month's surprising election victory for ex-rebels in Nepal could force the Bush administration to deal with a group it has considered a terrorist organization.
Indo-Nepal peace treaty to be scrapped: Maoists Times of India
Maoists vow swift exit for Nepal king after poll victory AFP

Maoists win Nepal assembly poll
BBC News - 2 hours ago
Officials in Nepal say the former rebel Maoist party has won elections to the country's new assembly. With all the votes counted, the Maoists have won almost 30%, with their nearest rivals taking 21%.

Au Népal, les vainqueurs maoïstes promettent le départ du roi
Libération - Il y a 3 heures
La commission électorale a confirmé la victoire des ex-rebelles aux élections à l'Assemblée constituante. La monarchie devrait bientôt faire place à une république. C’est désormais officiel, les maoïstes ont largement remporté les élections du 10 avril ...
Népal: les maoïstes, vainqueurs des élections, sont aux portes du ... Le Point
Népal : Prachanda rencontre les donateurs et les diplomates XINHUA

India has no favourites in Nepal: Envoy
MSN India - 8 hours ago
Kathmandu:India's outgoing ambassador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee has said that New Delhi has "no favourites" among political players in Nepal and that it played an "impartial" role in the recent elections.

New Nepal Govt. will encourage private investment: Maoist Chairman - 21 hours ago
Kathmandu, Apr 23 (ANI): Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) Chairman Prachanda on Wednesday said that the new government under his party’s leadership would create conducive atmosphere for national and foreign investments.
India's Maoists vow to continue fighting despite election success ... San Diego Union Tribune
Crucial NC CWC meet from today Himalayan Times

Zimbabwe-Bound Ship Heads Back to China
New York Times - 58 minutes ago
AP By CELIA W. DUGGER, DAVID BARBOZA AND ALAN COWELL JOHANNESBURG - A Chinese ship carrying armaments made by a Chinese state-owned company and bound for Zimbabwe has headed back to China without unloading its cargo of bullets and mortar bombs, ...
Zimbabwe arms returning to China BBC News
Zimbabwe arms row ship turns back CNN International

Diplomatic squeeze tightens on Mugabe
AFP - 1 hour ago
HARARE (AFP) - The diplomatic squeeze on Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe tightened Thursday as a controversial Chinese arms shipment was called back and the top US envoy for Africa began a tour of the region.
China Recalls Zimbabwe Arms Shipment Voice of America
In full: Miliband Mugabe statement BBC News

Australia calls for arms embargo on Zimbabwe
ABC Online - 1 hour ago
Australia has backed the British Government's call for an international arms embargo against Zimbabwe to discourage any escalation in post-election violence.

US says opposition won Zimbabwe presidential vote
International Herald Tribune - 50 minutes ago
AP PRETORIA, South Africa: The top US envoy on Africa says the Zimbabwean opposition leader won presidential elections. Assistant US Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer was speaking in South Africa Thursday at the start of a visit to ...
Australia calls for arms embargo on Zimbabwe ABC Online
Zimbabwe: Victims of State Brutality Speak Out

International Summits Held to Tackle Iraq's Security
FOXNews - 3 hours ago
By Alireza Jafarzadeh On Tuesday, the third international summit to tackle Iraq’s security will be held in Kuwait. Washington is pushing for Arab countries to take a more active role in Iraq by opening embassies and providing financial assistance.
Insecurity blocks Saudi embassy in Iraq The Associated Press
New momentum for US-Iran dialogue Asia Times Online

New jobs set for 2 US commanders with Iraq role
International Herald Tribune - 4 hours ago
By Thom Shanker WASHINGTON: A Pentagon plan to elevate General David Petraeus and his former deputy means that the two commanders most closely associated with President George W. Bush's current strategy in Iraq will have responsibilities over the wars ...
Video: US Iraq Commander gets promotion RussiaToday

British foreign secretary visits Iraq amid further clashes
The Associated Press - 4 hours ago
Britain has about 4500 troops in Iraq, most of them based at an airport camp near the southern city of Basra. Britain suspended plans to withdraw about 1500 troops this spring after fighting broke out last month between Iraqi forces and Shiite ...
US paradox of construction and destruction Asia Times Online
UK's Miliband to back Maliki security drive Reuters

Iraq's Maliki says factions agree to rejoin government
Reuters - 1 hour ago
By Ahmed Rasheed BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Parties that walked out of Iraq's government last year have agreed to rejoin, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Thursday, in what could amount to a long-awaited political breakthrough.
US deputy commander calls on al-Sadr to stop attacks in Iraq The Associated Press
US paradox of construction and destruction Asia Times Online

United Kingdom
Freezing assets of terror suspects 'unlawful and unconstitutional' - 2 hours ago
By Nick Allen The Government’s anti-terrorism strategy was dealt a devastating blow today as the High Court ruled that its powers to freeze suspects’ assets were unlawful and unconstitutional.
Freezing assets of terror suspects ruled unlawful Times Online
Terrorism ruling is new blow for government Reuters UK

Sri Lanka
L'armée sri-lankaise multiplie les assauts contre les séparatistes ...
Le Monde - Il y a 3 heures
Une nouvelle offensive de l'armée sri-lankaise contre les rebelles tamouls du LTTE (Tigres de libération de l'Eelam tamoul) dans la péninsule de Jaffna s'est soldée, mercredi 23 avril, par environ 200 morts, le bilan le plus lourd depuis dix-huit mois ...
Combats au Sri Lanka : au moins 116 morts Les Échos
Des affrontements font 90 morts au Sri Lanka, selon l'armée La

Sri Lanka not worried about possible Indian intervention
Xinhua - 2 hours ago
COLOMBO, April 24 (Xinhua) -- The Sri Lankan government said Thursday it was not worried about the resolution passed by an Indian state to intervene in Sri Lanka's escalating conflict between the government and Tamil Tiger rebels.
Disputed claims on S Lanka clash BBC News
Let's be clear -- Tamil Tigers are the terrorists in Sri Lanka National Post

Rebel bases bombed in Sri Lankan northeast
Radio Australia - 59 minutes ago
Military officials in Sri Lanka say air force jets have bombed suspected Tamil rebel bases in the northeast. The attack comes a day after fierce fighting between the two sides in the northern Jaffna peninsula.
Disputed claims on S Lanka clash BBC News
143 killed in Lanka fighting Hindu

Ecuador - Colombia
Ecuador dice que tiene actitud firme frente a las FARC
El Universal (México) - hace 35 minutos
AP 09:56 La desconfianza de Ecuador en el gobierno colombiano impide cualquier intercambio de información sobre asuntos de seguridad pero eso no modificará "nuestra actitud firme frente a las FARC", dijo el ministro de Defensa Javier Ponce el jueves a ...
Acusa rector a Uribe de ser un injerencista Excélsior
Uribe rechaza estatus de beligerancia a FARC planteado por Correa Unión Radio

Uribe a las FARC: 'que ni lo sueñen' estatus beligerancia que ...
Terra España - hace 42 minutos
El presidente de Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, dirigió hoy a las FARC un rotundo 'que ni lo sueñen' el estatus de beligerancia que planteó otorgar a esa guerrilla colombiana su homólogo de Ecuador, Rafael Correa, si deja de secuestrar. ...

Uribe revela que es investigado por una masacre paramilitar en 1997
La Voz de Galicia - hace 12 horas
Horas después de que su primo fuera detenido acusado de nexos con paramilitares, el presidente Álvaro Uribe reveló que las autoridades investigan la denuncia de un preso que lo acusa de participar en una reunión para planear una masacre de 15 ...
Presidente colombiano salpicado por "parapolítica" tras captura de ... AFP
El testigo que acusa a Uribe de participar en una matanza en 1997 ... Terra España

European Union
The Treaty of Lisbon (also known as the Reform Treaty) is a treaty signed on 13 December 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal. It alters how the European Union (EU) works through a series of amendments to the Treaty on European Union (TEU, Maastricht) and the Treaty establishing the European Community (TEC, Rome), the latter being renamed Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). The two consolidated treaties would form the legal basis of the Union, and combined constitute most of the content of the rejected European Constitution. The Treaty of Lisbon is scheduled to be ratified in all Member States by the end of 2008, in time for the 2009 European elections. [Wikipedia]
Le parlement danois ratifie le traité de Lisbonne
La - Il y a 13 minutes
COPENHAGUE (Reuters) - Le parlement danois a approuvé jeudi par 90 voix contre 25 le traité européen modifié signé l'année dernière à Lisbonne par les Etats membres. "Je suis heureux que le traité ait été ratifié. Désormais l'UE peut passer à l'action" ...
Traité de Lisbonne: le Danemark ratifie Le Figaro
Les parlementaires danois ratifient le traité de Lisbonne

Taliban Leader Orders Cease-Fire in Pakistan
Washington Post - 1 hour ago
By Candace Rondeaux and Imtiaz Ali ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, April 24 -- A top Taliban leader in Pakistan with links to al-Qaeda has ordered a cease-fire as part of a deal negotiated with the country's new government, according to Taliban and Pakistani ...
Cease-fire gives hope for peace in Pakistan CNN International
Pakistan wants peace deal with militant tribe The Associated Press

Italy's Saint Pio goes on display
BBC News - 9 hours ago
The body of the popular Italian saint, Padre Pio, is to go on display in a glass coffin in southern Italy. Padre Pio was said to have had stigmata, or bleeding wounds of Jesus, on his hands and feet.
Italian saint draws huge crowds
Padre Pio's body goes on public display 40 years after his death Times Online

Let Heaven and earth radiantly rejoice today, for Christ hath appeared as a human in the flesh, that He might deliver from the curse the whole race of Adam; and when He came to Samaria, He was made wondrous by wonders. He that is compassed about by the waters of the clouds standeth nigh unto a woman and seeketh water. Wherefore, let all us the faithful worship Him, Who of His own will became poor for our sake in His compasionate counsel.
--Thursday of the Fifth Week, Pentecostarion

--the BB

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