Thursday, April 24, 2008

A nation in transition

Today we received a visit from someone in Nepal, a nation that recently held national elections and is making the transition from monarchy to federal republic. The Maoist party received the most votes and the organization of the new government is currently in daily headlines.

Welcome to this site! You have brought our virtual flag collection up to 105 flags.

A little Nepaliwood music for you:

Damphu The musical instrument of Nepal (traditional instruments)

16 Brahmins Deusi - Traditional Nepali Song and Dance

And, finally, Orlando Bloom with Children in Nepal (a UNICEF trip):


--the BB


Jane R said...

Dear BB, did you mean to have your Obama ad (the one with the veterans) start talking every time someone logs in to your site? 'cause it does. Love, Jane in sleep-deprived academia with a church meeting in the middle of the day

Paul said...

No, Jane, I bloody well didn't but I don't know how to make it stop. Since I have heard at as much as the rest of you put together, I am going to take it down.