Thursday, April 24, 2008

My apologies

1.  I will be incommunicado this evening just when I should be hearing how Kirstin's surgery went.  As soon as I get back to a computer I will publish updates.

2. I did not know when I posted the Barack ad that it was going to launch every time anyone came here, though I myself found out the hard way (every time I checked my posts).  We've all heard it enough, though I like it, and I have deleted it so folks can log in here in peace.



susankay said...

Paul -- we will be in Albuquerque next week and will be the poorer because you won't be there (even if we might not have met up this time). At least you will be away from the Spring winds/gales. They are dreadful this year in Colorado as well.

Can you go visit Mimi? Wouldn't that be wonderful?!

Paul said...

I expect to be without wheels but do hope to see Mimi, yes.