Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is Steny Hoyer waffling?

Politico is reporting:
Congressional staffers from both parties met with administration officials Monday to discuss controversial electronic surveillance legislation, an aide to House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.)confirmed, offering a ray of hope for the long-stalled bill.

For the first time since February, representatives from both parties, from both sides of the Capitol and from the administration gathered to discuss the stalled bill, according to the aide....

Behind the scenes, Hoyer has emerged as a deal maker on the issue over the past several weeks, working as the go-between for liberal House Democrats unwilling to accept immunity and Senate Republicans who would block any bill that does not protect the telecoms from prosecution.
mcjoan has some corrections and comments.
To set the record straight for Politico, it wasn't just "liberal" House Democrats against telco amnesty. The vast majority of them, including 16 Blue Dogs voted for the House bill that did not include amnesty.


You've already won. Do not turn this victory into one more crushing defeat. You've won. Quit while we're all ahead.
I commend mcjoan's entire post.

I would also add that this "ray of hope" [for the long-stalled bill] would be a sunbeam for White House and its desperate desire to keep its crimes hidden, NOT for the rule of law or for our nation generally. The longer the damn thing stays stalled the better our chances for restoring law and order.

NO COMPROMISE. NO CAVING. You don't need to and we can't afford more disastrous instances of yielding to thugs.
--the BB

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