Thursday, April 24, 2008

Heart thread - 4/24/2008

In addition to the wounds and brokenness of the world, its hopes, its peoples, its web of life, let us also remember:

Elizabeth Kaeton defending her doctoral thesis tomorrow (4/25). May TELP prevail in power, grace, and joy.

Kirstin recovering from eye surgery (see post immediately below).

Add your own requests in comments if you'd like and we'll pray for them.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Prayers for Elizabeth for today and prayers ongoing for Kirstin.

Please pray for Ben. I don't know this 8 year old boy, I heard about him from a woman in my small faith sharing group. He is 8. When he was 5 he kept falling out of bed - a lot. Ultimately it was determined he had a huge tumor and it was cancerous.

He had a roaring comeback and has been in remission for a couple of years.

Then he recently fell out of bed again. And yes- it is cancer again.

Apparently Ben tells others he has not time for this as he is very busy running his own 8 year old's version of a mini-kids cancer charity. For other kids...

He is in Albany Med and awaiting surgery and followup.

Thanks for the prayers.

Paul said...

Prayers ascending for young Ben.

Jane R said...

For my student Leah, whose mother died just before spring break. Now her paternal grandmother has died. Leah is two weeks away from graduation. She is flying home for the funeral and will return after the weekend. She is grieving, holding herself together enough to work on her final assignments with a goal of passing grades so she can graduate, and managing... but the burdens on her are great. She is doing an independent study course with me so this offers an opportunity for pastoral care along with tutoring, and I help as I can as I am sure her other profs do, but you can imagine what life is like for her right now. I thank you for your prayers for her, for her dad, stepmom, and siblings, and for her other grandmother who has also been in ill health.

Paul said...

For Leah and all her family.
Κυριε ελεησον
Χριστε ελεησον
Κυριε ελεησον