Monday, April 21, 2008

I have always been behind the curve

I have seen the ending of The Maltese Falcon on television at least twice but until last night I had never seen the entire film. Popped in my VHS copy of that sucker last night and finally watched it start to finish.

It was fun to watch. Not as iconic as Casablanca. Watching Casablanca recently I simply could not get over how many lines from it are part of everyday vocabulary. But the bird was fun. And the Fourth Amendment was relevant to the story - how cool is that?

In other utterly inconsequential personal news, this morning I planted three columbines and eight Spanish lavenders ("Madrid blue"). Last fall I bought lots of bulbs. All I planted were my bearded iris, some of which have made it and are coming up and some of which have done nothing. I am planning this week to plant the daffodils, as late as it may be. If they thrive, well and good, they are perennials, after all. If not, well I will have gotten some exercise and fresh air.
--the BB

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