Monday, April 21, 2008

Who knew Everest was a political hotbed?

CNN keeps us up-to-date on things Nepalese:
KATHMANDU, Nepal (CNN) -- Nepal has given its security personnel permission to shoot pro-Tibet demonstrators during China's Olympic flame climb to Mount Everest's summit early next month.

"About 25 soldiers and policemen have established camps on the mountain and they have been ordered to use force if necessary to stop any anti-Chinese activities," Mod Raj Dotel, spokesman for the home ministry, said Sunday. "This could mean shooting if necessary."

Security personnel will also check mountain climbers for non-essential expedition materials, Dotel added.

"If anyone is found with anti-Chinese material their permit will be canceled and returned from the mountain," he said.
Never let it be said that democracy is not flourishing worldwide.

h/t to Chris in Paris at Americablog
--the BB

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FranIAm said...

You know, I heard this on the news yesterday and I felt my stomach lurch.

I mean... what have we become as humans?

Tragic, tragic, tragic.