Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am emotional today

It's not just work stress.

It's election season, for sure.

It's the knowledge that people are going through tough times.

That people go hungry who shouldn't have to.

That people are afraid of love.

That folks are bombed into eternity.

That people plot the death or destruction of others.

That lies are brazenly told in public.

That some people believe them.

That so many people are driven to hatred by their fears.

That power brokers - political, religious, corporate - struggle for control while regular folk suffer and die because of the tussles of the mighty.

That we continue to ravage the Earth.

That people do not know that love is possible or that they are precious.

That we are shipping our young women and men off knowing that some of them will return in flag-draped coffins.

That the world can still be so beautiful.

I have broken into tears three times already, once at work talking about our troops.

Once listening - for the third or fourth time - to a video I will repost soon.

Once listening to this.

John Aravosis at Americablog posted it today noting that he watched again and it still makes him cry. I have posted it before and it clearly gets to me too.

Just thinking about train whistles in the night is enough to set me off.

May you have the gift of tears to wash your soul, to water your hopes, to keep your heart tender.

--the BB

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susan s. said...

Yes, I saw this earlier and it had the same affect on me. Thanks for reposting. (My memory is so bad sometimes that I can read a book twice and not remember what I read before!) All those pictures in your Michelle post made me feel so good! Sometimes I wish I lived in a swing state so I could go to a rally like that and get that excited. But I am not a crowd person.