Saturday, November 01, 2008

All Saints' Morning

The sun rose over the Manzanos a few minutes ago. This is the view from my home office. The shades are now shut to keep me from being blinded but I enjoyed the eastern sky just before sunrise.

The flight home was blessedly uneventful, the final leg being in a plane only about 1/4 full. I used my Southwest coupons to swill down a couple of rum and cokes and finished reading Mourning Dove by Aimee and David Thurlo, authors who live in nearby Corrales.

They are among the heirs of Tony Hillerman, who died this week. I enjoy their series of Ella Clah novels that combine police procedural with Navajo culture. Actually, they are much better writers than Hillerman who got the ball rolling but was way too formulaic for my taste. If you have enjoyed Hillerman, I highly recommend the Thurlos to you along with Margaret Coel's books set in Arapaho country.

I left NOLA with few plans for this weekend. By the time I entered my front door last night there were more. Later today there is a bit of shopping and lunch with Bill, mi compañero del camino (my road trip buddy) and I might see if there are still tickets to see a collection of 10-minute plays on politics currently at the Vortex. Tomorrow will be All Saints' Sunday at St Michael and All Angels followed by a working lunch for the adult formation planners. I'll try to get in dinner with another friend before flying back on Monday. A visit to the nearby Obama headquarters may get me working on the campaign a bit but I really need down time and must honor that.

A blessed feast of All Saints to everybody.
--the BB

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