Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tips on the ponies

Dillinger tries to get some inside tips

Saturday has become a regular take-your-kids-to-work day. Since I did not work yesterday, we substituted Sunday and the boys joined me. While Norbert and Eddie were playing in Aunt Jen's cubicle (what did they do with all that strapping tape, anyway?), Dillinger sneaked into the the office of the head woman to confer with her horses.

There is a race track in Albuquerque. Should I be concerned? What does a responsible dad do when asked for a sudden jump in the old allowance?

I suppose what parents have done for many years when faced with such a request. Say no. Hard to say "no" to such a cutie but I suppose it is time I give up my illusions of innocence in my kids.

[I know. I'm the one who brought them to the Big Easy.]
--the BB

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FranIAm said...

Oh it is never easy to guide the ones entrusted to you, but I think you are doing the best you can.

Also, it says a lot about you that you do what you do.

After all, some people would see their kids with horses and shudder, as such - keeping prejudice alive.

But not you!