Monday, October 27, 2008

A shifting profile

It is an election year and I have been working in New Orleans for the past six months. Both of these factors have shifted the emphases of this blog. I used to have lots more posts on prayer, regular meditations, weekly articles on the Constitution, pictures of handsome princes (who, by the way, still provide a huge percentage of my hits from around the world), geography posts, and endless posts on torture and domestic spying. Now I count the dead and talk politics. I also have been busy with my camera.

Here is a recently revised tag cloud of the BB from Technorati:

Who knows what will emerge in the next six months as I return home, we all see what life after the election is like, and time and chance happen to us all?

We are all works in progress and so is the world.
--the BB


susan s. said...

How's your profanity rating lately?

The verification word for this post is voccull. Hmmmm...

Paul said...

How very kind of you to ask, my dear! It is medium (14% of my pages have profanity now).

susan s. said...

Well Damn it all, get to cussin' boy!

Abinas C. N. Jagernauth said...

Dear Paul,

Your blog is a positive contribution to the universe. We all go through changes and at times change our focus. This often means that we are growing, maturing, and perhaps gaining wisdom. I encourage you to keep on doing this good and positive work. The universe needs it. And I enjoy it.

All the best from Canada.


Paul said...

Thanks, my Canadian friend. I don't mind the shifts; I was simply intrigued with them and thought it was an opportunity to reflect on what I was writing about last year versus this year. It will change again, of course, but the the threads of politics, spirituality, aesthetics, and culture will remain. Leavened with silliness and stimulated by our virtual community.

Hard to believe I have been at this for four years now.