Saturday, November 01, 2008

A little too harsh?

I don't think so.

Religious coercion of any stripe is evil. Plain pure and simple.

The Mormon Church and the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic bishops and any other group out there pushing Prop 8 need to get the hell out of other people's personal relationships.*

Right now.

And the people of California need to stand up and tell them so.

Right now. (OK, this coming Tuesday.)

Say no to theocracy.

Say no to discrimination.

Vote no on California Proposition 8.

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*Lest I play favorites here, this goes double for the Anglican Bishop of Abuja (who needs serious emotional healing), though he is promoting oppression in his own country rather than putting out ads to promote discrimination in California. Every bit as evil but the thrust here is on the Prop Hate crowd.
--the BB


Pagan Sphinx said...

I'm anxious for California. We here in Massachusetts made it legal and gratefully there has been no similar effort like Prop 8 to undo it. But it is a bit of a legal mess, as couples married here can only get divorced here. That's one reason my daughter and her spouse (still getting used to the fact that I have a kid who's married) went to CA to tie the knot. There is no residency requirement.

I have both personal and philosophical stakes on Prop being defeated. Let's hope, pray, sing, rant, rave, shout...whatever it takes.

Thank you so much, Paul, for coming by my blog and with such warm wishes for my daughter's marriage.

Paul said...

Thanks for the hospitality, Pagan Sphinx. When I read about their wedding at CR's blog I got all gooey-hearted and, upon learning that you had photos, just had to rush on over and see. There is great joy in Meredith and Shannon and I rejoice to see it. You and CR have raised some fine young women. Your ongoing friendship reminds me of my relationship with my ex.

All the best.

Padre Mickey said...

I posted this same ad at my blog, but I asked a question which no one has answered yet: "didn't those two Mormons appear a bit, er, fey?"
Not that there's anything wrong with that; no, not at all.