Saturday, November 01, 2008

A magical day - with political eye candy

You've already seen the sunrise here this morning. I started the day very slowly. Reading, blogging, wanting to but not taking a nap. (Mea culpa, +Maya!)

This was the immediately-post-sunrise view from my bedroom looking toward the west mesa. The little notch in the mesa in the center of the photo is where the road rises up from the valley onto the mesa (where those photos in earlier posts of vast expanses were taken).

Then I drove to Corrales for a late lunch. While driving to Bill's I counted yard signs for McCain and Obama. I saw two more McCain signs than Obama signs in that particular stretch of Corrales Road and the side street. Bill told me that as one goes further north the Obama signs predominate, matching Susankay's observation in a comment earlier.

Lunch at the Indigo Crow with cottonwoods turned golden

Toward the end of the meal light breezes sent leaves fluttering down. Yes, the Land of Enchantment works its spell. I had a delicious beef and gorgonzola sandwich and we split crême brulée for dessert.

I did a bit of shopping then headed to the South Valley Obama headquarters to feel the excitement. I know, very voyeuristic of me. I got a great Obama poster that is now in the guest bedroom window looking out to the street and an Obama sweatshirt.

Martin Heinrich and Obama-Biden stickers on my car

Veterans for Obama


Campaign for Change New Mexico

Yes, here is the local hotspot. It was about 4 o'clock on the Saturday afternoon before the election and the place was swarming with volunteers. All ages were represented but the demographic was decidedly young. I would guess that this election may be the first or second in which many of those present could vote.

Tom Udall for US Senator from New Mexico

Other important races are represented in this field office also. Alas, my photo of the Heinrich sign next to the New Mexico state flag was blurred and I did not want to get in the way of volunteers by trying to get perfect shots. Besides, who needs a Martin Heinrich sign? You will soon see why.

There are a lot of homemade signs for Obama out in the streets, indicating a passion that takes the effort to show support. This was a sign at the entrance of the volunteer headquarters.

New Mexico Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish
and Congressional candidate from District One Martin Heinrich

Yes, we had the real thing there this afternoon. I had already met him, shook his hand, and been told that I may be his "biggest contributor from Louisiana." I had to confess that I live a couple miles from where we were standing but I figure it never hurts to let your future congressman know you are a financial supporter.

Denish is good. She can give a great speech on the fly and I was in tears at the end. She is also a fellow parishioner at St Mike's.

Here they are together just after she arrived.

And this last photo is for my dear friends, Jane R and +Maya Pavlova.

The Byzigenous Buddhapalian, Martin Heinrich, Diane and Herb Denish

What great people. What wonderful volunteers! What a great gound organization. Martin said that there were more Democratic volunteers at work in the South Valley today than had shown up for McCain's rally the other day.

¡Sí, se puede!

Don't forget to vote!

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--the BB


susan s. said...

Look at you! Are you tall, or is Heinrich short?

And boy, I would vote for that Martin man in a New York minute!

Paul said...

Martin is anything but short. Commandingly tall, long and fit in blue jeans. I felt he was as tall as I but the photo says perhaps a touch shorter. I am 6'5" if I stand up straight.

The best part is, he's right on the issues!!! Someone you can vote for whole-heartedly.

It's a hard race though Martin is a bit ahead in the polls. Of course, the only poll that counts is the one we vote at.

FranIAm said...

I find the two men on the left very fetching...

Paul said...

Thank you for your vote, ma'am.

Pagan Sphinx said...

It's funny - I count Obama lawn signs too. On my 20 mile commute to work I started counting signs a few months back when they reached four. In the last three weeks the number of Obama signs have increased to 11. But then again, I live in Massachusetts. Still, these little things keep me going.

I enjoying coming by here. Thank you!

Pagan Sphinx (Gina)

Paul said...

Glad to have you visit, Gina!