Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I remember the VC Bird International Airport

Actually there are a few specific things I remember about it.

The humidity. (I had not lived in New Orleans yet.)

The casual security (by the standards I was used to).

My purchase of an Antiguan flag in a gift shop at the airport. As I recall, the woman who sold it to me said that I would smile when I saw it. I have smiled when I put it on the flagpole at our former home.

Waiting - on the plane on the tarmac - for hours before taking off.

So, Antigua is one of the places in the world that I have actually been and tonight a virtual flag joins my real one (3'x5').

Today we had a visitor from Antigua & Barbuda, making the flag shown above the 144th to join the collection from nations whence visitors have come to this site. A hearty welcome to our new guest!

Our visit was part of a cruise of the "treasure islands." It began and ended in St John's, the capital of Antigua. We sailed on the Star Clipper and they played Vangelis' music from 1492 each evening as they unfurled the sails and we set out from port. Hokey but fun and stirring. The first evening especially as the golden sun struck the sails and we were under way. My first, and thus far, only cruise.

Antigua is the main island of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

Here is your travelogue video:

Here's some music featuring the flag of Antigua. It will make you smile.

A little iron band music before the cricket match:

Red, Red / Causion
Music Video from Causion. Antigua's Reggae Ambassador:

--the BB

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