Monday, October 27, 2008

Just in case you've missed it...

... what with Wardrobegate and Senator Stevens' conviction and skinheads plotting to kill 102 African Americans before attempting to assassinate Barack Obama...

The United States has committed an act of war against Syria.

One last little masturbatory exercise by the chimperor or a rehearsal for Iran? Who knows?

There are conflicting claims (there always are) about terrorists versus civilians, etc. The White House track record on credibility is, shall we say, shaky. So while I don't know that actual terrorists were not involved I would never believe they were involved just because the US government says so.

Which is a very sad thing to acknowledge.

If George W. Bush himself says anything, or Dick Cheney, I automatically assume it is a lie and I am almost always proven right in the long run.

Be alert.

This is no small thing.

This is why I have clamored for impeachment for yonks now.

And, just to gratify Susan S., I do think Nancy Pelosi has been a total asshole on this issue. Grrrr. If I could impeach her for taking impeachment off the table I'd do it in a heartbeat. What on earth does she think upholding the Constitution of the United States entails? It's not always politically expedient. George Bush and his band of thugs are criminals by US and international law alike. They have gone scott free on all their lawbreaking. He should have had his ass hauled off to the slammer long ago. And I hope he winds up there yet.

It is, of course, major pardoning season since his term nears its end.


It's a growly night whenever I think of W.

h/t to Cernig at Crooks and Liars and Juan Cole at Informed Comment (here and here)

From Al-Jazeera
The Syrian government has warned of retaliation if the US strikes again across the border from Iraq, demanding that its sovereignty be respected.

The warning came a day after Syria said eight people were killed in a US helicopter attack in the border village of Sukariya.


"All of them are civilian, unarmed, and they are on Syrian territory," he said, adding that among the dead were a farmer, three children and a fisherman.
[One may love or hate or discount Al-Jazeera but it is an excellent source of new from the Arab world and with an Arab perspective.]
--the BB

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susan s. said...

Thanks, Paul. She's not my favorite person by a long shot. She came to my son's graduation at SFSU and and took 20 minutes to say nuthin.'

Oh, and while I'm at it, if she has any more work on her eyes, she won't be able to close them at night.

Now back to this shit in Syria. There will prolly be a statement that the helicopters were 'off course, so don't blame us.'