Sunday, October 26, 2008


To renovate is to make new.

Here are two shots of the same building, one taken on May 27 and one taken today.

It is difficult to get a good sense of the change because the first photo was taken when sunlight reflected from the windows of the office where I work and created this dappled effect. Artsy but unhelpful. If you click to enlarge you will see plywood doors, general dinginess, cracks, etc. Back then the building was being worked on the interior and a huge crew was gathered each morning preparing to tackle the immense task.

In the past month or so they have been busy as well on the exterior, doing some repairs and applying a couple coats of paint. One can see the difference.

Having observed such efforts, I would like to see the building opened for occupancy. This former office building (yes, another bank in the Central Business District) will become a tower of luxury apartments. I will be gone before that happens, however.

I thought y'all might enjoy some photos of progress.
--the BB

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